Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New blog

I know that there are some people who are notified when I post to my blogs, I have started a new blog that will be about the entire family. Maybe I will be more inclined to post more, more often, if I don't have to do it twice! Here is the name, I also posted a link to the left

www. rainbowsandsnowflakes.blogspot.com


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Princess Brithday Party - A Pink Explosion

Makana's birthday was last Monday, but we had her party today. We sent out 4 invitations that asked the girls to wear their favorite Princess outfit. 2 liitle girls and their mom's came and of course Zach, and thank heavens Kathy! Kathy is really a life saver, between preparing to travel to China, getting a sub set up, trying to finish work on National Board certification and just plain old life around here, I've been so busy. Kathy hit the party stores and Hobby Lobby and got so many great deals on so many great things for the kids. Who would have known that pink sequined stars on sticks (wands in our house) are for Christmas and thus 80% off last week? I think she enjoyed it since she only has a boy. She also made the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen, really! I bought the cupcake display stand and she made the cupcakes from scratch. Each one was a little different with white icing and pink trim. She rolled out gumdrops in pink and purple and cut them into shapes with tiny cookie cutters, princess shoes, crowns, you name it. We bought a pink table cloth, pink streamers, valentine pink candy corn and m&Ms, we used the tulle from Makana's room in the old house to tie to chairs for more fru fru appeal. Kathy bought these plastic things, one with Belle and one with a castle. The are supposed to be taped to the wall, but here in Denver they stay by themselves due to the static, we put some tape on them just to keep them from sliding. I made jelly sandwiches cut into the shape of hearts and used some old tea cups from an estate sale. I made "tea" from Ginger Ale and Juicy Juice, Raspberry. I also bought foam picture frames for each child and little princess foam stickers. The children decorated the frames and I will give them each a picture from the party to go in it. Of course there was the requisite pinata, we got one that had pull strings, I could not see beating a princess with a stick! I think everyone had fun, we danced princess dances to princess music and Kathy and I wore our own princess dresses too. I called Gil afterwards and told him all the princesses were gone and it was safe to come home for work! I am very tired, but I think it is a day she will remember, for a little while anyway!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas and New Year

We had a wonderful Christmas. Makana really knew what was going on this time which made it even more fun. Her preschool perfomance was so much fun, she was singing her little heart out! We sang so many Christmas songs together and she tried to be good for the elf on the shelf. We had Christmas dinner with friends Kathy, Jeff and their son Zach, and with Cody and one of her friends. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl in our lives. Gil says all the time how amazing she is and how he can't imagine not having her, of course I feel the same. Next year we will be a family of 4, amazing! I will just post some pictures of her.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tree Trimming and a haircut

We decorated the tree over Thanksgiving weekend. I hope it lives until Christmas! Makana and Daddy topped it with an angel. The next morning I went downstairs to make coffee and found the tree on its side. Luckily I was able to repair most of the broken ornaments and I may repurchase the one Barbie that was irrepairably broken on ebay. We recieved Pre-approval to adopt He Zhang Da, now we wait until we get the Letter of Acceptance and then we wait again for Travel Approval. I spend way too much time thinking about him and wishing we were in China already. I have been sick and I had Cody here after her reduction surgery, so I was caring for her too. I finally got Makana's hair cut. I love it long, but it needed a trim and she always has so much new growth under the long part that we cut it to make it thicker. The new hair place was great, she got to wear a pink princess cape, got glitter hairspray, a pink lollipop and sparkly pink and purple stars on her face. Mom bought her a new crown as well, what more can a princess to be ask for? I had taken pics that morning before school too, so I have before and after pics! I think we will go somewhere to take Christmas picutes today so that I can get those ordered and cards sent out! Oh and we bought an elf on the shelf who watches Makana's behavior and reports to Santa every night, very nice! Now if she would only tell mom what she wants from Santa!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

Usually Halloween in Denver involves trying to figure out how to get the kids costume over warm fleece pajamas so the kids don't freeze trick or treating. Two years ago we took Makana to 3 houses and she started to cry that she was cold and then she was in one of those costumes that look like a stuffed animal skin. Last year she was too sick to trick or treat, so we were really looking forward to this year. Of course when we picked out the Pumpkin Faerie Costume I was planning what tights and undershirt she could wear with it. To our surprise instead of the usual first annual snow fall we had temps in the 70's all day and a beautiful evening for trick or treating! We went to a few neighbor's houses and then sat on the porch with candy to give out to others. We had plenty of carved pumpkins on the porch and Gil put out his scary decorations and we all had a great time. In years past we had so few trick or treaters that we had a ton of candy left over. This year we gave all but 5 pieces away! Of course Makana got quite the stash when we went out as people literally shoveled candy in to her bucket until she could hardly carry it. I really don't like for her to have candy, so we will be dispersing small amounts for weeks! One neighbor had a great idea, she gave out playdough! Makana's school had a party in the morning with pumpkin carving and scary crafts, treats and then trick or treating in the shopping center. Gil and I helped and I decided that working with 4 year olds is even more like herding cats than working with middle schoolers! It was a great day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gotcha Day 08

Friday was the 10th and it was our Gotcha Day. Makana was sick with a fever from Saturday until Thursday, so I did not get to take the day off as I wanted to do because I missed work when she was sick. Friday evening we attmepted to make a cake, but I forgot to put the metal piece inside the pan and so when I thought it was done and turned it updside down to cool raw cake batter fell through the rack onto the counter. So we spent the day with Kathy yesterday, shopping and eating a girls lunch out. Then we bought what we needed and came home where we baked Halloween cookies and a new cake. Today we iced it with pink frosting and purple sprinkles and put the doll inside. It turned out pretty and tasted good, not to mention the fun she had helping me bake it. Makana cracked the eggs, poured in the measured ingredients and helped watch it cook. Today we took pictures with the cake and ate some after lunch. Gil is working a double shift today, which happened because he had to change his schedule because of my confereneces, so he will have cake when he gets home. It is hard to believe we have celebrated this 3 times now in the US and that Makana will soon be 4. Then I look back at her pictures to how tiny she was and even she can't believe it! I cleaned out her clothes in her closet today, moving all the 2T clothes to await a baby sister to wear them. She actually still could wear some of them now, even some of the 18 mo stuff, but she will be too big next summer and cooler weather has arrived. She loves to dress herself, so I have to put away things that are not weather approoriate! We are so very lucky to have this wonderful little girl in our family!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last days of summer

I took the pictures of Makana in the window one day when I came downstairs and found her like this, "talking on the phone." I can't believe summer is over and school has started. I am very busy at the new school trying to stay on track with all my new responsibilities. Weekends are great since I get to spend all day with Makana. She still says she doesn't like school, but seems to be having a great time there when we come to pick her up. She is taking dance classes there on Fridays and enjoys that. One day she tried out the extra art class and created this "Siamese Cat" we may add art classes later. We also decided not to take Chinese class this year. They want her to attend without mom and adding a 6th day of leaving her crying just was more than we could take. I don't want her to end up hating Chinese class! She is growing like crazy and learning to write numbers and letters at school this year. She says the most amazing things like asking me about her dinner at a restaurant, "But who accomplished this?" I think she was asking who made it, but how did she know the word? And though not used exactly appropriately, she knows the meaning!